The Grind Pembroke recognizes that due to life circumstances, many of its clientele will always need a “hand out”.

While limited resources will not allow us to support such individuals for extended periods of time, we try to do our best to identify how their short-term basic needs can be met – either directly from the community donations with which we are entrusted, or by referral to other community resources.

Because of our limitations, we are re-focusing our efforts towards giving more of a “hand up” to help individuals in need become more resilient and self-supporting.

One way we are trying to do this is by facilitating information sessions to give those who want to improve their lives with the necessary information tools.

In partnership with key health and social service agencies and other organizations, we schedule information sessions after regular Coffee House hours at least once monthly. Topics will cover a variety of issues faced by our clientele, including those related to money management (budgeting), health, nutrition, food preparation etc.