Food security is a huge issue in Pembroke and elsewhere as poverty rates and the price of food increase. With the closure in early 2019 of the Salvation Army’s food bank, the remaining food bank in Pembroke has been challenged to meet the growing need. While The Grind Pembroke does not see itself as a “food bank”, we recognize our client’s need at times for emergency food supplies, especially fresh vegetables and fruit.

Thus in planning the allotment of space within The Grind’s new facility for various functions, room was allotted for a “market” where clients who needed an emergency food box could choose available items from The Grind’s food supplies to meet their needs and tastes.

The back end of this operation will be focused on the inspection and storage of donated and purchased food supplies, which will mainly supply the needs of the adjacent Community Kitchen. The whole operation will be aided by a large, walk-in refrigerated room for the storage of perishable food items that has already been installed and is in use.

While identification of funding for development of the food security space is pending as part of Phase 4 renovations, a temporary operation has been set up with shelving, freezers and work space.

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Community Impact

Although the Grind Market isn’t operational, volunteers respond to special requests for food when local food banks are closed.

Emergency food boxes prepared for clients from 2020 October – 2021 December – 426.