While The Grind Pembroke originally began as the Grind Youth Centre, offering a full program of activities for at-risk teens, most of those programs were turned over to the Salvation Army at their Pembroke facility. However, The Grind Pembroke still sponsors a couple of programs in partnership with youth-focussed agencies in the Pembroke area:

Youth Leadership Course

The Grind administers this annual Ontario Provincial Police-sponsored program for at-risk youth ages 12-16 to provide them with enhanced leadership and life skills, increased awareness of the value of civic participation and development of relationships with a variety of emergency service agencies to foster trust and safety within communities.


Valley Warriors Program

This is the latest service for at-risk community children in Renfrew County – hockey and soccer programs for special needs boys and girls from 5-12 years of ages with autism, intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities. These children, under the supervision and coaching skills of volunteer first responders (police, fire and paramedic personnel) will now be able to learn how to play team sports, regardless of ability or experience.

The hockey season started on 2018 October 13 and ran until March of 2019 each Saturday from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Pembroke Memorial Centre.

The hockey program morphed into a soccer program in the Spring of 2019. For more information regarding these programs, registration, and how to get involved, visit www.valleywarriors.ca.

Special needs children from throughout Renfrew County are eligible to register.